The inTABS™ Multiplication Table


Master multiplication in weeks!

Psychologically developed in Oxford

Powerful kinaesthetic learning

Fast, Fun & Effective results

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The inTABS™ (short for Interactive Tables) Multiplication Table is an ingenious book psychologically developed and tested in Oxford for a most effective way to Master the Multiplication Table in mere weeks with results that last a life time! And it’s fun. Seriously fun!


Uniquely, the answers to the equations are concealed which means the learner has to interact with the book to obtain the answers. Each tab has an individual equation; opening that tab reveals the answer. This interactive or kinaesthetic learning creates powerful associations between the equations & answers for memory and instant recall through repeated interaction.

Simple, engaging, positively reinforcing: devastatingly effective!  Click here to learn more.

inTABS enables a deeper appreciation of number symmetries and recurring patterns: Find all the 12’s – how quickly can you find and leave open all the tabs where the answer is 12? (Clue: there’s 6 of them.) Then progress to 24’s and 36’s and so on. Here the learner detects symmetries (3×4 is the same as 4×3 etc) and patterns (opening all the 12 answers forms an ‘arc’, same again for 24, 36 etc). A fun game to tangibly show what can be otherwise seem like abstract and complex notions. Try it against the clock or each other, it’s much more fun and interesting than an advent calendar!  [*Chocolate rewards not included with the book, in case you’re wondering – Ed.]  Watch video demo


Mastering Multiplication is KEY to maths proficiency (for division, fractions, algebra, long multiplication etc.) in same way the ABC is to literacy:

“Pupils without instant recall of the multiplication table struggle in maths” (Ofsted)

“Without [instant recall] it is like sending a plumber out to do a job without knowing how to use a spanner“ (Jean Humphrys, Ofsted’s education director)

The research, including by Ofsted  (the schools watchdog), cannot stress the importance of instant recall of the Times Table enough, hence the new Government mandate:

“Every child in Britain will have to know their times tables off by heart by 11(DfE)

OFF-BY-HEART means instant recall, and not sequential chanting or finger tricks which is how it is mainly taught in British schools: Britain has slipped to the bottom of the developed world for numeracy.

Thus, new on-line ‘against the clock’ testing of the Times Table will be phased in for all Primary Schools i.e. instant recall will be timed which renders traditional methods that rely upon tapping into sequential recall such as ‘chanting’ too slow (and ‘finger-tricks’). The new tests are on instant recall (under 2-3 seconds), not working it out- eventually.   


This book is SEN (Special Education Needs) inclusive: Dyslexia & Dyscalulia friendly –  one of the first books in the UK using a special dyslexia font (and colours).

  • Empower your child
  • Ensure they don’t struggle in maths
  • Enjoy learning maths


inTABS™ ‘Sampson Sapling’ symbol on the front of our books is a an English oak sapling representing the Mighty potential all young learners have, if nurtured properly, given the right tools and effective styles of learning suited to them: EVERY CHILD COUNTS with inTABS™

Additional information

Times Table

Complete 12 x 12 Multiplication Table (complies to Department for Education new mandate and current National Curriculum standards)

Number Patterns

Learn & detect number patterns and symmetries using the unique shape coded patterns on the most recurring answers on the times table (12,24,36). For example, ask the child to 'find all the 12 answers' on the grid: they will find that not only are all the 12 answers shape coded but also form an interesting 'arc' on the grid and the same again for 24 and 36 etc. This Facilitates an understanding of the relative relationships between numbers and their symmetries (3 X 4 is the same as 4 X 3 and so on) as well as making learning fun, engaging and interesting .

Dyslexia Friendly

This book uses special dyslexia-friendly font (on all numbers and text) and colours making it easy to use for all dyslexic/dyscalculia learners without use of coloured overlays.

SEN inclusive

Unique kinaesthetic learning means this book is ideal for all Special Education Needs learners who benefit most from interactive learning styles.


A4 Hardback book: Gloss Laminated with 144 (12×12) individual equation and concealed answer tabs.

Tab construction from space-age EVA for strength, durability, flexibility, softness & weight-saving.

Dimensions: 21cm(w) x 29.7cm(h) x 1.6cm(d)

Weight: 0.4kgs


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