inTABS™ USA has teamed up with Ian Davies, a teacher and author with vast experience, from Dynamic Teaching Tools to bring invaluable resources to equip teachers for the modern classroom

Ian Davies is naturally a fan of our inTABS™ Multiplication book 🙂

"...a great product with a lot going for it: simple to use, the foundation math skill, interactive and good for dyslexics and those with special learning needs.

Perfect [for] tutors like me- we have a constant stream of kids who struggle with maths and rebuilding confidence in maths is so much easier once kids learn the times tables. It makes secondary school topics like algebra so much easier if kids have instant recall of the times tables.

If I had any say in education, I would equip every Primary age student with an InTABS book - it’s a bit like a maths text that will serve kids right through their Primary education and will develop foundation skills with numbers that will support their Secondary education"

Ian Davies (Author, Tutor and Founder of Dynamic Teaching Tools)

The Dynamic Teaching Tools for teachers are now available in downloadable and printable format below

Teachers Toolbox - Part 1: Classroom Management Tools (eBook PDF)

The Classroom Management Tools package contains teaching tools designed to underpin student success through effective classroom management. These tools help teachers provide a classroom learning environment where students feel safe, secure and appreciated. They also provide some useful class rules so that students clearly understand what is expected of them.

What are Classroom Management Tools?

•  Tools which enhance classroom management on a day to day basis e.g. 'The Class Expectations Tool' explains how to make the learning expectations for each lesson really obvious to all students at the start of each lesson. It then goes on to explain how to check on the expectations towards the end of each lesson.

• Tools for teachers to informally assess the success of each lesson e.g. 'The Summarise The Lesson Tool' explains how to use a brief summary of the lesson outcomes to informally assess the effectiveness of student learning and teaching activities.

• Tools to help teachers deal with disruptive behaviour e.g. 'The Dealing With Defiance Tool' gives teachers six strategies to help overcome defiance in students.

Classroom Management Tools are designed to help teachers provide an effective learning environment in their classroom. An environment which underpins improved student learning outcomes.

Teachers Toolbox - Part 2: Cooperative Learning Tools (eBook PDF)

Cooperative Learning Tools is designed to:

1. Provide teachers with some useful tools they can use to effectively engage students in class.
2. Provide teachers with teaching tools they can teach to students to help them learn how to connect with others.
3. Help teachers teach students how to learn in collaboration with others.

What do you get?

• Tools to develop rapport- the vital key to student/teacher interaction e.g. 'The Don’t Judge Tool' shows teachers how to deal with poor student behaviour without losing rapport with the student.

This package of Teaching Tools is designed to help teachers bring creative cooperative learning activities and experiences to their classroom and thus encourage the students’ skill at connecting with others.

• Tools to encourage group interaction e.g. 'The Pass The Parcel Tool' explains how to revise using a fun group activity.

• Tools to teach kids how to work as part of a team e.g. 'The Team Homework Tool' encourages students to complete their homework on time using team support.

• Tools to satisfy the basic human need for connection in kids in a positive way e.g. 'The Sharing Tool' helps students understand that their teacher was once a student themselves and faced the same learning hurdles that students face today

Teachers Toolbox - Part 3: Conflict Resolution Tools (eBook PDF)

Conflict Resolution Tools: educational research suggests that many students lack the skills and strategies to cope with conflict and to resolve it fairly. This particularly applies to teenagers who go through a stage where they will assert their independence. This often brings them in conflict with parents, authority figures as well as their peers.

This package of Conflict Resolution Tools is designed to:

1. Provide teachers at all levels with some useful tools they can use to help resolve situations of conflict.
2. Provide teachers with some tools they can teach students to help them resolve situations of conflict.
3. Help conflicting parties to take responsibility for solving a conflict.

What are Conflict Resolution Tools?

• A step-by-step conflict resolution process that teachers can use to as a template to resolve serious conflict issues in their classroom e.g. a Tool for cooling down, for discussing the source of the conflict, for brainstorming solutions etc.

• A conflict resolution evaluation template that helps students learn valuable lessons from conflict experiences.

• Tools to teach students so that they can navigate through the inevitable conflict they will encounter in everyday life e.g. 'The Anger Management Tool', 'The Peer Mediation Tool', 'The What Would You Say To A Friend Tool' etc.

Conflict Resolution Tools are designed to assist teachers in dealing with conflict in the classroom and at school.

Teachers Toolbox - Part 4: Critical Coaching Tools (eBook PDF)

Critical Coaching Tools: teaching is much more than an exchange of information between teacher and student. In fact these days, with the breakdown of traditional family structures causing a deficit of moral support and guidance in many kids, the teacher’s role has become much more one of providing well-being support for students. Unfortunately, teacher training does not equip teachers with the understanding or tools to deal with difficult student well-being issues.

This package is designed to:

1. Provide teachers with some useful tools to help them deal with serious well-being issues amongst students. These issues are often the root cause of student disengagement or lack of learning.
2. Provide teachers with the tools they can teach students to help them overcome well-being issues.

What are Critical Coaching Tools?

• Tools which help teachers to change limiting beliefs in students e,g. 'The Changing Limiting Beliefs Tool' shows teachers how to flip limiting beliefs on their head such as the “I’m dumb at maths” limiting belief can be turned around so that students develop a more positive, ‘I can…’ belief.

• Tools which help teachers to teach students how to communicate effectively e.g. 'The Effective Communication Tool' teaches students how to communicate effectively with peers, parents and people in authority.

• Tools for teachers to teach students to help them self-coach e.g. how to set goals using the SMART goal setting process.

• Tools to help teachers build resilience and self esteem in students.

Critical Coaching Tools are designed to help students develop effective learning strategies, habits and skills which will serve them for the rest of their life.

Teachers Toolbox - Part 5: Exciting Engagement Tools (eBook PDF)

The Exciting Engagement Tools package contains 22 teaching tools designed to bring variety, challenge, surprise, suspense, fun and excitement to the classroom. Along the way they help teachers provide a stimulating learning environment where students learn through ‘doing’ activities - and have FUN while doing it. This help ensure the teaching outcomes ‘stick’ in the student’s mind.

What are Exciting Engagement Tools?

• Tools which create surprise then lead to curiosity for students. A curious mind opens the door to self- motivated learning e.g. 'The Prop Tool' will show you how to use props to create surprise and curiosity and long-lasting understanding.

• Tools which develop suspense. These tools generally leave students wondering what will happen next which then leaves them eagerly anticipating the next lesson e.g. 'The Bring A Thing Tool'.  The whole point of this tool is that you do not tell the students why they need to bring the chosen prop. That’s what creates the suspense. They go home and say to mum, “I need to take x to school tomorrow” and of course mum will ask why. They will say, “I don’t know, but all the kids are talking about what they might bring”. You have created a bit of suspense because kids and parents are all wondering why. You have the whole family engaged and wondering why you need the chosen prop. And after the lesson, do you think the parents will initiate a discussion with their kids about why the prop was needed?

• Tools to create some fun. These tools help teachers develop valuable and easy-to-remember learning experiences and learning skills. These tools challenge student thinking skills in a variety of ways e.g. 'The Puzzles Tool' shows teachers how to use puzzles to develop advanced thinking skills- sometimes called ‘executive functioning’.

• Tools to challenge student thinking. These tools help teachers teach kids to problem solve and think independently e.g. 'The Impromptu Talk Tool' helps overcome the fear of public speaking and challenges students to ‘think on their feet’.

Exciting Engagement Tools are designed to bring innovative and engaging learning activities to your classroom.

Teachers Toolbox - Part 6: Student Success Building Tools (eBook PDF)

Student Success Building Tools: this collection of Teaching Tools is suitable for teachers at all levels.

They have been designed to:

1. Provide teachers with some useful tools to help students become self motivated, self directed and self sufficient.
2. Provide teachers with some tools they can teach students to help them learn how to become efficient learners who know how to find help and support when they need it.
3. Help teachers satisfy the student need for significance in a positive way.

What are Student Success Building Tools?

• Tools which develop significance through helping students create success through self-management strategies e.g. 'The Have A Go Tool' teaches students how to develop an attitude of valuing effort and application while also understanding how to learn from mistakes.

• Tools to develop significance through effective feedback eg. 'The Honour Your Learning Tool' helps teachers develop a learning environment where students are encouraged to acknowledge what they are learning and how it will benefit them.

• Tools which create significance by helping students develop successful ‘people skills’ e.g. 'The Meeting New People Tool' teaches students how to make a good impression on people they meet for the first time.

Student Success Building Tools are designed help students develop effective learning strategies, habits and skills which will serve them for the rest of their life.

Teachers Toolbox: Complete 6 Series Set (eBook PDF)

SAVE $9.87 when you buy all 6 together!

The Teacher’s Toolbox Full Set includes over 120 teaching tools available for teachers to implement in the classroom.

There are a huge range of tools included in the complete Toolbox:

√ Tools to improve student engagement.
√ Team building tools.
√ Public speaking tools.
√ Confidence building tools.
√ Tools to develop resilience.
√ Tools to spark curiosity.
√ Tools that challenge.
√ Tools that create rapport with students.
√ Interactive tools that help kids to learn by ‘doing’.
√ Communication tools.
√ Flexible thinking tools.
√ Tools that develop general knowledge.
√ Tools that provide valuable informal assessment information.
√ Tools to use in conflict resolution situations.
√ …and lots, lots more!

I would be surprised if you have not already got some of these tools clipped on to your teaching tool-belt. But somewhere among this Toolbox of tried and tested tools, there just might be one or two tools that are well worth trying. You may have heard the saying that ‘small hinges swing big doors’. Well sometimes just one new tool can have a major impact on a teacher’s effectiveness.

Take Claire from Moama Anglican Gramma School, who learnt about the ‘Changing Limiting Beliefs Tool’.
She said, “This tool helps me problem solve challenges I face with students.”

Take Peter, a senior teacher, in Melbourne who said,” I can’t believe how much difference it makes when I simply shake a student’s hand and invite them into my classroom at the start of a lesson.” So, I asked Peter if he knew why this was making a such a difference and he admitted he had no idea. This very basic tool that anyone can do will change student mindset from where they have been mentally, to where you need them to be mentally to succeed in your class. It builds rapport at a personal level, it shows respect and helps put every student in a state of mind where they are ready for your lesson… and it is so simple!

Lots of the tools are like that- they can be used over and over and over to ‘swing big doors’ and completely change attitudes and enhance student learning.

Dynamic Teaching In The 21st Century (eBook PDF)

International author and grassroots education expert, Ian Davies, exposes the essential issues causing so much grief in our schools today. His candid thoughts and empowering strategies will inspire educators who have all but given up hope. In a time when we can all be distracted by the glitter of modern technology, this book brings the focus back to the very essence of education – the relationship between the teacher, the child and the parent. Ian’s amazingly simple and practical strategies and tools for teachers and parents cut through all the clutter and promise to improve student outcomes and results in the 21st Century!

Inside this download, you’ll learn:

• The 9 essential issues undermining student results today

• The five key habits of successful teachers

• The Golden Rules for effective communication with parents

• The psychology for developing a Success Mindset in students

• The 8 step Plan to cultivate outstanding classroom management

• 7 proven steps to build Emotional Intelligence in teenagers

• 10 quick and easy ways to ruin any normal school kid and 10 powerful tactics to win them back

“This book should be a graduation present for every graduating student teacher in America.”

Michael Douglas (Neurodiagnostic Technologist, San Francisco)

Phonic Learn To Read System (eBook PDF)

A Teacher's Guide...

for teaching kids how to write, read and spell through phonics.

What's inside:

• A step-by-step phonic learn-to-read system specifically designed to get parents/teachers to get their kids to reading.


• Carefully linked reading activities to guide you along the way.


• A complete set of phonic flash cards to help boost your kid's confidence in reading.




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Perfect Bundle for Teachers, Parents and Home-Schooling: Master multiplication instantly with the interactive inTABS Multiplication Book (with accompanying Lesson Plans and Testing Sheet to test how effective it is & monitor progress); Dynamic Teaching in the 21st Century e-book and the most popular Teaching Tools e-books from the series for  general teaching.

What’s included:

  • inTABS Interactive Multiplication Math Book (Hardback book will be shipped out with purchase)
  • inTABS accompanying complete set of Lesson Plans (PDF Download)
  • inTABS Standardized Test form to measure how effective inTABS book is (PDF Download)
  • Dynamic Teaching in The 21st Century (PDF Download)
  • Teachers Tool Box: 2 selected parts from the series (PDF Downloads): Conflict Resolution Tools and Exciting Engagement Tools.

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