Times Tables to be tested against-the-clock for all pupils by 11 (DfE)

Every pupil in England will be tested on their times tables before leaving primary school, under government plans. Pupils aged 11 will be expected to know their tables up to 12×12, and will be tested using...

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How does the "revolutionary" interactive inTABS work?

A powerful kinaesthetic (multi-sensory) learning system to achieve fast and effective results. Uniquely, the answers to the equations are concealed which means the learner has to interact wi...

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Lesson plans for schools

We know how busy you teachers are, so we've done the work for you; here are some lesson plans for you!

Relax! Enjoy! Teach!

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How to measure inTABS™ effectiveness

We know how effective our book is, but don't take our word for it. For your own piece of mind and to see for yourself, we have provided some guidance here on how to measure your own inTABS effectiveness...

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I.T. does not improve maths

Computers ‘do not improve’ pupil results, says OECD. The think tank says frequent use of computers in schools is more likely to be associated with lower results   “Education systems which have invested heavily in information and communications technology have seen “no noticeable improvement” in Pisa test results for reading, mathematics or science.” (OECD) ...

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