inTABS™ USA has teamed up with Ian Davies, a teacher and author with vast experience, from Dynamic Teaching Tools to bring invaluable resources to equip teachers for the modern classroom.

Ian Davies is naturally a fan of our inTABS™ Multiplication book 🙂

"...a great product with a lot going for it: simple to use, the foundation math skill, interactive and good for dyslexics and those with special learning needs.

Perfect [for] tutors like me- we have a constant stream of kids who struggle with maths and rebuilding confidence in maths is so much easier once kids learn the times tables. It makes secondary school topics like algebra so much easier if kids have instant recall of the times tables."

Ian Davies (Author, Tutor and Founder of Dynamic Teaching Tools)

The Dynamic Teaching Tools for teachers are now available in downloadable and printable format below.

International author and grassroots education expert, Ian Davies, exposes the essential issues causing so much grief in our schools today. His candid thoughts and empowering strategies will inspire educators who have all but given up hope. In a time when we can all be distracted by the glitter of modern technology, this book brings the focus back to the very essence of education – the relationship between the teacher, the child and the parent. Ian’s amazingly simple and practical strategies and tools for teachers and parents cut through all the clutter and promise to improve student outcomes and results in the 21st Century!

You’ll learn:

  • The 9 essential issues undermining student results today
  • The five key habits of successful teachers
  • The Golden Rules for effective communication with parents
  • The psychology for developing a Success Mindset in students
  • The 8 step Plan to cultivate outstanding classroom management
  • 7 proven steps to build Emotional Intelligence in teenagers
  • 10 quick and easy ways to ruin any normal school kid and 10 powerful tactics to win them back

“This book should be a graduation present for every graduating student teacher in America.”

Michael Douglas (Neurodiagnostic Technologist, San Francisco)

A Teacher's Guide...

for teaching kids how to write, read and spell through phonics.

What's inside:

  • A step-by-step phonic learn-to-read system specifically designed to get parents/teachers to get their kids to reading.


  • Carefully linked reading activities to guide you along the way.


  • A complete set of phonic flash cards to help boost your kid's confidence in reading.